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"The Loin and therefore the Rabbit" KIDS STORIES.ONLINE

 The Lion and therefore the Rabbit

Once upon was the lion and the rabbit.
A cruel lion lived within the 
forest. Every day, he killed and ate tons 
of animals.
The other animals were afraid the lion would kill all of them.
The animals told the lion, "Let's make a deal. If you promise to eat just one animal every day
, then one among us will come to you each day. Then you do not need to hunt and kill us."
The plan sounded well though bent the lion, so he
agreed, but he also said. "If you do not come a day,
I promise to kill all of you subsequent day!"

Each day then, one animal visited the lion in order that the lion could eat it. Them, all 
The Lion and therefore the Rabbit
the opposite

animals were safe.
Finally, it had been the rabbit's address to attend the lion. The rabbit went very slowly that day, therefore the lion
was angry when the rabbit finally arrived. The lion angrily asked the rabbit, "Why are you late?"
"I was hiding from another lion within the forest. That lion said he was the king, sol was afraid."
The lion told me a rabbit, "I am the sole king, here! Take me thereto another lionand can kill him."
The rabbit replied, "I am going to be happy to point out to you where he lives."
The rabbit led the lion to an old well within the middle of the forest. The well was very deep with
water at rock bottom. The rabbit told the lion, Look in there. The lion lives at rock bottom ."
When the lion looked within the well, he could see his own face within the water. He thought
that was the opposite lion.
The Lion and therefore the Rabbit

Without waiting another moment, the lion jumped into the well to attack the opposite lion.
He never came out.
All of the opposite animals within the 
forest were very happy will the rabbit's clever trick.

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