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Prophet Yunus (AS) - Being steadfast when facing hardships KIDS STORIES.ONLINE

Prophet Yunnan (AS) - Being steadfast when facing hardships

Have you ever felt that you simply are faced with a situation that you see no way of getting out of? does one check out the problems that the planet is facing today, and wonder how they will ever be solved? The timeless story of Prophet Yunnan teaches us that there's always how out if only we've faith.
Prophet Yunnan (AS) - Being steadfast when facing hardships

Prophet Yunnan was sent to evangelize to the people of Nineveh, an excellent city but had become a wicked place crammed with idolatry ping and sin. But the people of his city rejected him, even as many nations rejected the messengers before him. When he released he didn't manage to realize what he had hoped for and failed this mission, he left disheartened. Having left the town without the permission of Allah, he boards a ship to line sail distant from the town. Once stumpeda huge storm grew stronger and stronger and began to sink. After casting lots 3 times, Yunnan was the one to go away the ship

Prophet Yunnan (AS) - Being steadfast when facing hardships

In the water, something extraordinary happens. As Allah commanded, a whale was sent to swallow Yunnan whole, then descended to the rock bottom of the ocean. Faced with total despair, engulfed by darkness and to the deep sea, it had been within the depths of despair that things changed for him. albeit he was a spiritual man and called upon to be a prophet, he sought help from Allah, because it is merely Allah and not him, who was on top of things of all things.
The whale swam to the surface and ejected Yunnan onto the shore. Then with the assistance of Allah, a plant grew over him to hide 
the prophet with its shade. And after his recovery from the ordeal, he sets to return to Nineveh to get that the town and its people haven't been destroyed by the terrible storm, as they need all turned to Allah.

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If you ever felt such as you are within the belly of a whale surrounded by darkness and seemingly no answer, do what the Prophet did. Never hand over, and trust in Almighty Allah. this is often especially vital now as we are faced with one of the most important trials of humankind with OVID-19. These current times could also be tough, strange, and positively scary to several people but one thing’s needless to say - as Muslims, turning to our faith during this era is that the initiative to navigating the new realities of life. For the hardships are those blessed opportunities for us to boost our faith towards Almighty Allah. he's best stories. If you wish these stories. Please share them for Islamic stories. Prophet Yunus (AS)- Being steadfast when facing hardships all turned to Allah.

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