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Tenali Raman and a couple of grain "KIDS STORIES.ONLINE"

Tenali Raman and a couple of grain

A long time ago, there lived a gorgeous woman called Ramani in Gantodanagar. She was a learned lady with an honest amount of data on various art genres. One day, due to her pride and arrogance about her abilities, she put a hoarding outside her house that said, “I will be able to provide a reward of 1000 gold coins to whosoever defeats me in humor, wit, and knowledge of ancient texts.” This became a problem of prestige for all the students within the region. Many of them were offended and tried to defeat Ramani within the war of words, but none of them succeeded.

Days passed like this. One morning, a vendor happened to travel by her house selling firewood. the person was shouting at the highest of his voice, “Firewood…Strong firewood…. Is there anyone Who wants my strong and long-lasting firewood?” the seller was shouting continuously and had a shrill and high pitched voice which irritated Ramani. She stormed out of the house and called the seller, “Oh vendor! Come here! I will be able to buy your firewood. Tell me what proportion of money does one want! Just stop shouting.”

Tenali Raman and a couple of grain

The vendor replied, “Madam, I will be able to not sell this for money. I will be able to readily offer you all the firewood if you give me a couple grain for it.” Ramani promised him to offer what he wanted and ordered him to dump the load within the backyard.

The vendor said, “I need a couple of grains, Madam. does one understand me clearly?” Ramani yelled at the seller, “You are asking me whether or not I even have understood what a couple of grains mean! don't attempt to outsmart me! I'm the foremost learned woman during this entire District. How dare you inquire from me an issue like this?” The persistent vendor said, “Madam, I pity you! you actually don't understand what I would like. If you're unable to offer what I would likeyou ought to pay me one thousand gold coins and wipe the invitation hoarding on the compound wall.” Ramani was infuriated. She asked angrily, “What nonsense are you saying?”

The vendor said, “This is no-nonsense. I told you what I wanted and you'll not provide me with it. Now if you can't pay the worthyou want to give me one thousand gold coins for you've got clearly did not understand what I meant. And considering that, I even have defeated you within the war of words.” A heated argument started between the 2 then Ramani decided to approach the provincial Court of Law for justice.

She presented her argument ahead of the judge, “My Lord! This firewood vendor is crazy and is talking nonsense. He asked for a couple of grains in lieu of his load of firewood. I agreed to offer him that but he keeps saying that I don't know what it means and needs me to wipe off the board ahead of the house. I plead for justice!” The judge asked the seller what's this argument all about. He humbly replied, “Sir, I informed her beforehand that a load of firewood would cost her a couple grain.

I actually wanted one grain that would fill the hand. If she cannot understand this much, she has no right to place up that hoarding ahead of her house.”

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Ramani was outwitted by the firewood vendor and therefore the verdict was given in favor of the seller. Ramani was ordered to pay him one thousand gold coins and she or he also had to require down the hoarding from her wall. That witty vendor was none aside from Tenali Raman. He was conscious of things therein district and Ramani’s arrogance and pride and had thus taken disguise as a firewood vendor to show her a lesson


Arrogance and Pride are bad attributes

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