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A Prose Poem Parts 5 thru 7 kids

 A Prose Poem Parts 5 thru 7


It was when the child was six years old, war broke out between the Northern Kingdom, and the Western kingdom, and Prince Dnumiunc was slain by one of his Generals, and his bones were brought to the throne chamber of King Niobla, and he picked out one, to have it inscribed, and silver tips fixed firmly on to it, and used as a mixing tool for his wine. It was during a gathering between him and his generals, they talked about warring with the South, and now that the Northern Kingdom was weak (although not crumbling), they'd not come to their rescue should they attack the Southern sphere of influence, then they'd enslave the kingdom, use their gold, and men to dominate the Northern Kingdom, and perhaps, just perchance, take on the Eastern realm. Awe, it was all circling in his head like thunder and rain clouds.

It was in this same hall a week later, the generals met with King Niebla, when he asked Florencia to come into the drinking hall, where all were feasting and wine and ale drinking and joking, and she did obey--un-cheerfully, and upon approaching the king said, "What is it that my sovereign ruler wants of me, that you would have me come to such a despicable place like this, and look at your drunken face, and your devil rats, that do your bidding?" She was not kind with her words, and the King looked smugly at her, his eyebrow went up.

"You insult me, and my generals, perhaps I should have one of them take you to bed and see if he can tame that wicked tongue of yours, they have done this in past times, and are quite good in tactical warfare, perhaps even better than I, which one would you choose," he asked.

"Oh choose me," said the old fat general, "I will give you male twins, " and he laughed, and they all drank more wine.

A Prose Poem Parts 5 thru 7

"No," said a tall thin general, "do not take the fat one, he will kill you with his belly in the way, take me, I will give you a strong male to rule the kingdom in time when you are old, he will protect you from your husband." And they all held their bellies laughing and pouring down more wine and ale.

"So you see," said King Niobla, "you have all these brave generals, although one remains quiet, and one of those killed your father, I have here in my hand, this silver-tipped bone, with his name on it, Prince Dnumiunc, so who would you pick to be your new bed partner?"

"I have a child, but they would all be better than you, and I have my God, and would not soil my soul with such an answer." Said the Queen.

"Here, take this bone and stir my wine," and he held up his silver chalice, in one hand, the bone of her father in the other, "I said take it, or I will have your daughter removed from your presence, and taken to another outpost of our kingdom." She hesitated but she knew he would do as he said.

Her heart was bleeding, and every inch of her wanted to murder him, but she took the bone, and stirred his wine, tears coming down her face, "I curse you, you will lay in Hell and beg the demons to let you glance through their magical mirror of water to see me, and I will be vomiting on your grave."

"Be gone before I have the generals rape you on the table, for a show." And she left, to see her daughter in her room.


It was two years later when the Queen could take no more, she was either to run, and hide from this mad king, or kill herself, or kill the king himself. He had now taken over the Southern Kingdom, and his plans were going quite well. And she knew it was just a matter of time before her mind would break with hate and revenge for his blood. Yet she was used to him, and there was something unknowing in her fiber that leered out for him, was it hate or a dead kind of lust or something shielding, how could it be love, lest it is coated with worms, she told herself. She would miss him if he was dead, so she assessed, but she would die with anger while he lived, and one can learn how to live with naught. And he had her father killed, and all the sins he put upon her house, and her: vengeance, the settling of scores, her mind could not rest until it was so, it was the only healer, and as she sat in her room she asked Adlitolca, her maid to come in.

"Is not your lover, the supreme guard in the king's throne room?" she asked.

Alitalia was taken back a ting, she didn't realize the Queen was aware of him as being her lover, and she said shyly, "Yes my Queen he is."

"Why do you not marry?" asked the Queen.

"Oh, he says he is too young and does not want to be burdened with a wife and child." Said the Maid.

"Oh, I have a plan, tell him to come into your room at midnight and I will be there and persuade him to marry you or be put to the sword."

The maid was astounded to hear such good tidings, and rejoiced, and kissed the hand of the queen. There perhaps was not a brighter day in her life. And she agreed eagerly to do as she was told. And at midnight, Suedereo came into her room, but on the bed said the queen.

The Queen whispered, and the room was pitch black, one could not see the other face, "Why, Asdlitolca, do you have it so dark in here, I can't even see my hands." Said Adlitolca's lover.

"Come over here," said the queen, "you do not need your eyes only hands, feel my breasts, they wait for you." And excitedly he came closer, and they lay together, and he was happier than a schoolboy who won a priced sword.

Said the soldier, "You are more delightful than I have ever known you to be, softer, you smell so great, and all is so perfect." Then she lit a lamp, and Suedereo bellowed, "Queen Florencia...!"

"Yes, it is me, " said the Queen.

"But why?" asked Suedereo, dumfounded.

"Do you not like what you had?" Asked the queen.

"Oh yes, it is above all I've expected. But why."

"You will help me kill the king, or be killed by the king for taking me, and I shall scream for his supreme guards."

"But how is a simple soldier like I to do such a great feat?" he asked.

"It will not be so great a feat, I will drug him, poison him, and he will be weak, and we will get Sihcimteh to assist you, he will put the sword across his neck, and slice it off." Said the Queen.

The queen knew Sihcimteh had eyes for her, plus he had special privileges with the king, he could come and go where he pleased, he was one of three of the special guards that stood beside him most always, or behind him. Thus, he was called into the Queen's chamber, when the king was off hunting.

"I have noticed," said the queen, in a silk gown, the right portions of her body exposed, her long hair laying across her back and shoulders, "I say you have had eyes on me like a lion that was hungry these past years."

"If I have," said Sihcimteh, "it is because of your beauty, not that I would try and take you forcefully, lest I be a traitor to my king."

"If I wished you to be a traitor to your king, would you?" Asked Florencia.

He hesitated, looked at her carefully, "Your beauty is beyond a man's dreams, and if I could be persuaded, it would be only if I had you by my side. I have adored you dearly, but knew you possibly prized the king; I would have killed him long ago, had I felt you would love me. But you accepted the king and have not left his side."

"This is true, but not out of love, nor fear, but because of my child; I would have killed myself long ago to rid myself of this monster, but she has always brought me back to my senses, where would she be. Hence, my braver Supreme Soldier, it does not love you see, but a test of my devotion to my daughter. I have looked upon you as a mate; a fine fit for me, a love that could grow, a love that is somewhat. My heart would be grateful, should you take the sword to his head when he is asleep."

"He is a brave soldier also you know, and no one to fool with." Said Sihcimteh.

"Then you are scared, and weak and fear him." Said the Queen.

"No, I do not fear him out of fear, but out of his skill to fight, he is equal to me, perhaps, but out of love for you, he will be dead if your desire is well planned, and from what I hear, your love for me can grow."

"Suedereo will assist, as I poison his wine, you and he will come into his bedchamber and Suedereo will hold him, while you cut off his head."

"And you will be my love forever?" asked Sihcimteh.

"Yes, yes, I will be your love, and love you as you please." Replied Florencia.


It was the following night; Florencia went into the king's bedroom, sat by him on the edge of his bed, gave him a cup of wine, and stirred it willingly for him, with the silver-tipped bone of her father.

"Why does the wild rat come in to see me, drink with me, have I tamed the witch in her?" asked the king.

"No, it is I, who wishes to make love, I desire thee, and I have been lonely for touch." Said Florencia and she handed him the wind stirred, and he drank it, and as she drank it, she hid his dagger under the bed, lest he uses it on her, or who else may enter.

It was a moment later the king tried to sit up from his bed, he was a ting sick in his stomach, "What did you put in the wine?" he asked.

"Not a thing, just the bone of my father," she replied.

"No it is not true," and he sat up, looked for his knife, and hollered for his guards, and Suedereo and Sihcimteh came running in, Suedereo jumped on him, held him tight, but the king was strong, pushed him over his body, spotted the dagger under his bed, leaned over to get it, and took one glance at Florencia before he grasped its handle of ivory, and said "You devil's witch ..." and Sihcimteh's sword sliced right through his neck and his head fell to the floor with a thump, as his body laid jerking as if it was electrified, across the bed.

In heist the Queen filled up a small caravan with the kingdom's treasure and headed east, there was a new king in the Eastern Kingdom and she felt conceivable she could ask for asylum there, buy asylum that is, with a portion of her treasure, providing that is what the king desired, and she knew all kings desired gold and silver, and whatever else may go with it. He was young, and perhaps he had interests in her likewise, and that could be to her advantage.

Upon her arrival, it was she hoped, the King was pleased with her beauty, and asked if the two soldiers that came along with her, had an interest in her. She assured him they were only interested in the treasure, no more. And the king assured her, he would be interested in both her and her treasure; and her being a queen (a queen at one time that is), she perhaps could be a queen again. He seemed to understand her killing of the King, knowing the long story of her oppressed life by him, but asked if this was his fate equally, should he trust her. And having expressed all this, he asked her to think about how much of the treasure he'd leave the two soldiers.

It was that very day--forenoon, Sihcimteh came busting into her room, bellowing, "Your love has faded to nothingness, what is this I hear, whispers around the kingdom, you and the king will be one?"

Florencia looked at him, unshaken, gave him a glass of wine, "My love," she said, "the kingdom talks because they wish to talk, I sat with the king and told him I wanted safekeeping and I'd pay dearly for it, I have a daughter you know, and it is true, my life would only burden you, it has with all men, although I've only known a few, and the few I've known seem to love war and killing, is this what a man is made of? Take a fourth of the treasure and go South or North."

Said Sihcimteh angrily, "It was always  wanted, no more, and I will not let you go for any king, be it of the East or the West, or any kingdom, we shall die together if we cannot live together, I will not be separated." And then he started to sway, "You poisoned my drink, you little devil rat, come here."

She hesitated, next, tried to flee, but he grabbed her by the hair, "You drink the rest," he demanded, and she threw it to the ground. "No," he said, "you will not escape me, I love you and we will die together, and he cut her throat, and she said, "Yes, yes...we will die together." And they did.


Florencia's Heart

Who is to know another's heart? Many think they do, only to find out they were mistaken. In the account at hand, perhaps the queen didn't know men, nor the king women; once the old, had worn off, the King would grow on her--so he thought, and perhaps he was right, he did grow on her; on another hand, perchance, he forgot her spirit--sweet looking, with a bitter heart that never had a chance to heal with his disposition; it couldn't have been any another way, she was given a dreadful scar, and it never left, nor had it (I repeat) a chance to mend; he had forgotten all her despair, and abortive endeavor to nurse back to health the wounds between them, but he had mistaken them for challenges.

No, no indeed, he didn't know her dark side, and by and large, he could no longer hurt her. It was as she once said, "When it is hot, the king never gives shade." She said it in a hushed tone, to her maid, said it as if her life had become pointless; and through the sheer prevarication of events (state of affairs) she could not live the dream within herself, dreadfully disappointed; furthermore, he had forgotten about a woman's needs (or perhaps never knew them), to touch the heart, fill her dreams, and know her depth and limits, yet he gave only new sorrow on top of old sorrow; nor did he see her vessel sinking.

If she could have, she would have said something good to leave matters as they were, she wished to, something that would release her mind: something that said: I see a spark of hope in him. But she didn't see this, what she saw was a snake, and there wasn't any medicine for his bite, which is what she saw, thus, her mind became lost in the placid death of evening; an evening of planning, that would undo the harm he could cause in future time. She had come to the conclusion, she was not going to change humanity, but she could unburden her soul.

My Doggy Ate My Homework

Florencia's face was still beautiful after several years, yet you could see a rough and heavy appearance being molded here and there on that face, light color to it, too light, for a healthy countenance; perhaps from years of troubling sadness. She had thought at one time (possible from a passionate desire, I would guess) to cling to something concrete; in a world of dark shadows, it seemed meaningful, but she was learning all men live under a self-interested umbrella of sorts, it was their nature to war, as it was for a woman to love, and caretake, or want to; in both cases, most always, anyways; hence, she had not found one that had not. And yes, at this point and time, she was bone dry, her marrow sucked out of its foundations, its roots severed.

We all wonder how our death will be, but Florencia had hers figured out, or at least she thought so, most details were looked at, each corner reviewed, and as we now know, she was not indecisive when it approached her.

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