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How to Draw a Deer "Kids"

 How to Draw a Deer

The camera worked great. I had finally learned to put it up high enough and not close to any moving limbs or weeds that would trigger it. This deer hunting thing was going to be more difficult than I thought. I was going to have to wing it.

Deer are primarily active during the twilight hours or as I've often seen while driving at night, night creatures. Crepuscular is the term for it. That's where that ultraviolet vision comes in handy. But the very early or very late hours are the time to plan your ambush, and that is the only way you will get close enough to shoot one. Maybe Davie Crockett could sneak up on a deer in the woods but you won't. Actually, I believe Daniel Boone was a better deer hunter, but I digress.

How to Draw a Deer

My plan was to head out in the afternoon and be sitting in place in my spot as the sunset. I would be bringing my son "X-man" and his friend, "Hellboy", along with as they suddenly found an interest in deer or "hog" as "X-man" said he would prefer. Whatever. They are both found in the same areas.

The only problem was that I had only bought one rifle for hunting larger game this year, a Marlin lever action 30-30, with a Tasco 3-9x 50mm scope zeroed at a hundred yards. My other gun would have to be my 12 gauge Remington with a rifled slug which meant a close range of fifty yards or so.

We drove four miles down the WMA road to a spot off the beaten path. Shit, there was already a truck parked there. I parked next to it and hoped we wouldn't be close enough to get in each other's way. We sprayed ourselves with liberal amounts of scent neutralizer before heading out.

You can take this anti scent procedure as far as you want if you like. You can start off with a nice relaxing shower while you lather up with Scent-A-Way soap, and then slip into your hunting clothes that were washed in scent and whitener free detergent and dried on the clothesline. No deodorant, please. When you get to your hunting destination put on your rubber boots, spray yourself down with a scent neutralizer, and rub some pine pitch on your pants. Then if you hunt in an area with cattle like I do, find a fresh plop and have some fun mushing it around your boots. And for Christ's sake try to pick a spot upwind from where you think deer will be approaching. This is probably the best single scent advice I received. As good as deer can smell, anything to lose your own human scent would not be overkill.

How to Draw a Deer

The attractant scent game seemed a little mysterious to me so I decided to keep that on hold for the time being and work on the basics.

We walked down the sandy road and noticed a guy sitting in his tree stand close to the end of the cow pasture not more than a hundred yards from where we were parked. "He isn't going to get a thing sitting that close to our trucks." I remember saying, the newly anointed Cervidae expert, "We've got to get back in there where there isn't anyone else. The deer can smell the trucks."

"I'm not walking five miles dad." X-man moaned.

"Oh my god," I moaned back, "We haven't walked a quarter of a mile yet. Why don't you guys go to that old tree stand by the swamp and I'll walk down the other way where these open fields go into the thick woods. Here take the rifle and sit in that stand. And don't take off those orange vests." Deer hunting seems more like a solitary sport anyway, and with a shotgun and slug, I would have to be extra sly.

I trudged down the path for about a half-mile until I came to the place I had scouted out before. I set my camouflaged beach chair into the bushes on the edge of the field and sat back, thirty yards from a deer trail I had seen. That's when I noticed the tree stand set back under the oaks. But it was empty so I figured I had dibs on the area. First come first serve right? Isn't that proper hunting etiquette? Then I heard the putt of a small vehicle like a four-wheeler getting closer.

Vehicles are restricted on these roads but I could see two guys in a side by side tooling down the dirt road, and then they stopped and one climbed out and the side by side continued on. I made sure they could see me displaying the raised fist, and could see the guy walking through the bushes to his tree stand. He climbed up into his tree stand and just sat there looking at me. What the..?

You know, just because you put a tree stand in the woods on public property managed by the state doesn't mean you get a reserved spot every single day for the entire season, whenever you feel like showing up, especially when that's not your only tree stand, and you know who you are. I decided to find another spot but had to take a long leak all over a nearby tree before I left.

Deer Hunter

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And this is a good time to bring up the fact that you never pee anywhere near where you are set up when you're hunting deer. They will smell urine a mile away and avoid you like the plague. Taking a leak into a sealable container is the way to go.

A half-mile further down the dirt road I found another likely spot and set my gear down, scanning the area for any tree stands. Nothing. I sat back, pulled my camouflaged hood over my head, and relaxed, scanning the woods a couple of hundred yards away.

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