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 Monkey and Mr. Croc

Once upon a time, there was a big and strong monkey living at the bank of a river that has an island growing seasonal fruits like mangoes. This particular island was at a distance which is in between the island and the river bank. So, this monkey would use a rock as a spring to jump on this island which has the fruit that it can enjoy.

In this river too, lives a crocodile with his wife. One fine day, Mrs. Croc told Mr. Croc that she would like to have the heart of a monkey for lunch and no other monkey but Mr. Croc's friend- The Monkey. Mrs. Croc said that if he really loves her, then he will bring her the heart of the monkey which is his best friend. Hearing this, made Mr. Croc really sad. But, he loves his wife a lot; so, he agreed to get the monkey's heart for Mrs. Croc.

Monkey and Mr. Croc

That afternoon, the monkey was enjoying the mangoes on the island when the monkey detected something looking extraordinary between the rocks in the river, as it was looking larger in size than usual. So, the monkey said to itself, "Perhaps, some naughty and playful crocodile was hiding behind that rock!" To make sure, the monkey questioned the rock, "Dear rock! Why are you so quiet, today? Where are your daily hellos? Mr Croc thought that the rock was indeed a talking rock, so he said, "Hi dear monkey, how are you feeling today?" Now, of course, the monkey knows that definitely, someone is behind it because there's no such thing as a talking rock. Monkey then shouted, "Rocks aren't supposed to be talking; so whoever you are, please show yourself."

With a lot of patterns, themes, and colors available in fabrics, the search for the best fabric is becoming endless these days. Some fabrics are suitable only for adults and some only for children. There are some which are suitable for decorating kids' and adult's rooms, for beds, for blankets, and for toys. Monkey fabric will definitely be at the top of the list of fabrics suitable for all purposes.

Who doesn't love monkeys? Monkeys are the most admired among all animals for their pranks. It is a visual treat to watch them swinging from trees to trees with their little ones clinging to them. Children love to play with sock monkeys. Earlier sock monkeys were traditionally made at home. Who didn't have a sock animal monkey while growing up?

Animal prints are generally loved by all little girls and boys and if they are monkeys they are adored by kids. That is why sock monkey fabrics are preferred by them. They are preferred by adults because it takes them to their childhood days. These fabrics give a sophisticated and subtle look to your bedroom. They are perfect for bedding of all ages - right from a newborn infant to an adult.

Hot or cold temperature, sock monkey fleece fabric is the best for blankets and bedding. They caress you, cuddle you, and put you to a sound sleep. They give the kids a secure feeling. Sock monkey bed sets and blankets are apt as birthday gifts and baby shower gifts. They are suitable for both genders. These can be personalized with the kid's names. They are sure to be appreciated by everyone.

Sock fabric is also available in cotton. The sock monkey cotton fabric is the apt choice for curtains and furniture covers. If your infant's skin is sensitive to fleece, never take risks with fleece, always opt for cotton. Quits made from this fabric are cute and adorable. Your little one is sure to snuggle in the cotton sheets and sleep tightly.

Monkey and Mr. Croc

Both sock cotton and fleece fabrics are used for making stuffed toys. Puppets are also made from these fabrics. These to be sewn fabrics can be bought in yards. It is wise to buy sock monkey fabric in yards because the price is cheap. These fabrics can be used for numerous purposes and so they will never become a waste.

Buying fabric with monkey prints from online fabric stores is the smartest choice. It is the wisest choice if you are budget-conscious. The price is low, the patterns are endless and the procedure is simple and quick. You can personalize them, you can buy in yards, you can get samples and you can have them delivered to your doorstep. What more reasons do you need to buy them online?

This fabric looks like a creative work of art. The online websites offer so many creative patterns that you are going to have a tough time in selecting one. The right selection assures comfort and relaxation. Despite the many new trends in fabrics, these fabrics are the evergreen choice of man, and why not yours too?

Mr. Croc then showed himself and informed Monkey of his desire of eating Monkey's heart for lunch. Monkey was shocked to hear this and sad too. He couldn't believe his best friend would do such a thing. So, the monkey decided to leave the island, but how? Monkey got an idea and said, " My dear Mr. Croc, since I cannot escape from you now; I would personally like to give you my heart. Can you please open your mouth, so that I can jump into it?" You see, the monkey is intelligent and he knew that when he opened his mouth, his eyes would close.

The Animal and the Human

 He agreed and opened his mouth so wide until his eyes were closed tightly. Now, the wise monkey jumped on Mr. Croc's head and back on the river bank safely. When he opened his eyes, he saw a monkey safe on the river bank. He then apologized to the monkey but the monkey said that he would not anymore believe him due to his intention to kill his only best friend in order to satisfy his wife's desire. Sadly, he went back home to his wife, crying at the idea that he has just lost a very dear friend to him.


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