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 The Cats Or Cull The Humans

Humans somehow have this ingrained concept they will best manage the natural environment that Mother Nature created and evolved over billions of years before mankind was ever thought up in anyone's philosophy. the top results of human management have been an unmitigated and ever ongoing environmental disaster. the newest during a long, long, long line of 'humans know best' has been a proposal to eliminate the domestic pussycat.
From the varied online debates and commentaries I've seen, there seem to be three equally divided points of view. Point One: kill all of them - the cats that's - or more humanely allow them to go extinct through natural attrition by neutering all of them. Point Two, sharp and to the purpose, all jaws, paws, and claws out and firing, touch my cats and you die. Companion animals are good for human well being, and besides cats catch mice and rats and other undesirable vermin*. Point Three is perhaps the foremost relevant - it is a variation on the pot calling the kettle black; the only too frequent human ethic.

The Cats Or Cull The Humans

If you're taking the argument to its logical conclusion, perhaps one should exterminate spiders because they kill native flies; exterminate birds that eat pretty native butterflies; kill the lions that eat native zebras; or for that matter eliminate anything that kills and feeds off of anything native. Sorry, the elemental principle in nature, tooth, and claw are that the relationship between prey and predator; eat or be eaten. Cats are only one of many species that kill to eat. It's hardwired into their brains. If they kill and eat a native ratite, it isn't their fault. Puppy dogs hunt and kill too, but I do not hear any equivalent about killing them off humanely or otherwise despite the very fact that some dogs, pet dogs, have maimed and killed humans; an equivalent can't be said about the domestic moggy. And little question some native species hunt and kill for food other native species. Where does one draw the road during this quest to save lots of native species? And just who self-anointed citizenry to be judge, jury, and executioner?
Prey animals, flightless birds or otherwise, have presumably over many years evolved natural abilities to avoid most predators most of the time; otherwise, they would not be around for us to speak about them. that is the natural way of things - a natural evolutionary race. Prey evolves ways and means to avoid predators; predators evolve better ways and means of catching prey. Failure leads to extinction, which too is nature's way. Most species that have ever existed are now extinct.
While we do not wish to ascertain native wildlife hunted down and killed, the hardcore truth of the matter is that this is often nature's way, and if you've got a drag thereupon, take it up with God - it's His plan. If you do not accept a deity, blame Mother Nature. In any event, that is the way it's and you cannot do anything to vary that fundamental fact of life. Cats kill; dogs kill; spiders kill; lions kill; birds kill; sharks kill, and guess what - humans kill too. That's a part of the pot and kettle side of things. But humans don't kill animals only for the necessity to place food on the table. Humans kill for the pure pleasure of killing things, only for fun, from hunting as a so-called 'sport', often with a semi-automatic rifle, and sometimes in enclosed wildlife parks for that purpose where the animals can't escape, to squashing ants who are outside in their own natural environment and bothering nobody.
As for that other common reason given to cull the moggie - the neighbor's cat uses my garden as a litter box. If that is the most pressing problem this person has, well I'd wish to be that person! Seriously, you get free fertilizer that's 100% biodegradable and while the cat is around, it's helping to stay your property freed from mice and rats. I have been on the receiving end of both gifts which doesn't bother me in the least. In any event, as a drag, personal or environmental, cat poo within the garden pales compared to doggie poo on the sidewalk.
There are several of the newer suburbs in Canberra (Australia) bordering on native grasslands and in these suburbs, cat owners are legally required to confine their cats to their own property, say by using outdoor cat runs or keeping them indoors. I even have no problem thereupon. The cat owners are happy (or should be); the cats should be happy too; and naive wildlife can relax and worry about other things - like humans and humans who will probably build an ever newer suburb because the population expands, thereon very native grassland.
Confining your cat to your own property helps keep the cat safe too from other humans and traffic. you would not want your companion animal to finish up as roadkill.
Legally required or otherwise, human owners are morally liable for the actions or their companion animals, and it's up to the owners of pets to make sure that other valued animals and other people aren't in harms way through the actions of animals under their control. That moral requirement exists because you can't expect cats (hardwired to act in certain ways) to evolve to human standards within the same way that you simply can teach a toddler.
Australia has declared war on the Cane Toad, the Common Indian myna, the Rabbit, Carp, the ECU Wasp, etc. so as to save lots of native species and native habitats on which they depend. Yet day many Aborigine animals are killed by the motor car, deliberately shot, poisoned, trapped, etc. The Canberra Territory government routinely culls thousands of native Kangaroos because there are, allegedly, too many of them, allegedly, destroying native grasslands. Humans reek of the double standard!
Now IMHO, if ever there was a species that needed culling due to their environmental impact, including the extermination, intentional or otherwise, of native wildlife, its dear old Homo sapiens. The pot has indeed called the kettle black. for a few unfathomable reasons, it's A-OK for humans to condemn any and every one non-human species for doing what comes naturally, yet when do humans point the finger at humans? those that advocate such extreme measures or controls on cats would never ever dream of applying that very same logic to themselves and their fellow human companions. De-sex the moggies? That's all fine and well and that I agree on the grounds of animal welfare, but on the opposite foot, I've seen quite one news article or item about these mega-families where a few enjoy having literally offspring cheaper by the 2 dozen, all products from their own privates and personal interactions. mention your environmental impact! Even four or more kids is just too many.
Kids or no kids, anybody person in any advanced first world country (New Zealand, Australia, Canada, USA, Europe, Japan, etc.) features a vastly greater detrimental environmental impact per day than any cat has had over the cat's entire lifetime.
And don't talk back to me about how cats torture small animals - that absolutely pales in significance with comparison to the daily tortures humans infest on animals, examples way, way too numerous to say, though in very recent times we have seen some very graphic livestock cases of barbaric cruelty in Indonesia, Pakistan, and even Israel. And what would the planet come to without children pulling the wings off of flies, or together disgusting a co-worker of mine did, throwing live grubs onto a hotdog barbeque only for 'fun'.
When it involves cats vs. humans, well, you do not see cats driving 4WD gas-guzzlers on the freeway, one cat per car. you do not see cats requiring vacations and holiday days off. you do not see cats shopping down at the mall. you do not see cats peddling drugs. Cats don't litter. you do not see cats going hunting with semi-automatic rifles shooting anything that moves; everything in view. you do not see cats maxing out their credit cards and going bankrupt. I've yet to ascertain cats invent, build and test an atom bomb. Cats have way an excessive amount of sense to believe deities, they do not even deify their human 'masters'.

Cats invite nothing quite the essential necessities of life, and everyone their waste products are 100% biodegradable and recycled. Can humans make an equivalent claim?
There is already a minimum of one place that bans pussy cats to guard native wildlife - Lord Howe Island, off the coast of the latest South Wales, Australia. I imagine there are some similar small islands put aside as wildlife refuges that ban cats and dogs and other predators. I even have no problem thereupon. in fact, keeping them out from the get-go isn't quite an equivalent issue as eliminating or exterminating them once established, and when it involves New Zealand, you'll hardly claim the whole country as a native the wildlife refuge, and cats are already well established there playing the role of companion animal and making many people happy.
Ultimately the New Zealand scenario isn't getting to happen - there are too many cat and companion animal lovers who vote. Then there's the cat industry from veterinarians to the producers and makers of cat chow, Kitty Litter and litter boxes, cat collars, food bowls, etc. All of this and more means cats are a serious employer because it was, given the number of moggies in residence not only in New Zealand but round the world. Human self-interest will make sure that cats are going to be with us for generations to return.

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